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Kareismatic LLC
Short Description
I enjoy cultivating creative thinking that ignites minds to go beyond basics and build unique personal and professional brands online. It is easy to get too close to your brand or business and lose sight of what the customers see or really want. When clients are empowered, they come to appreciate the limitless potential, advantages, and benefits of looking at social media and their online marketing in a new way.


Long Description

Empowering people to use social media to
• Grow their brand
• Promote their product or service
• Engage with new and potential clients
• Increase online visibility

Areas of Expertise
• Custom Social Media Marketing Plan
• Professional Online Branding
• Professional Online Brand Audit
• LinkedIn Training
• Relationship Marketing
• Social Media/Online Branding Consultant
Kareismatic Services
• 1-to-1 training
• Lunch and Learn
• Team or group training
• Corporate Education
• Individual Consulting
• Speaker

Workshops and training's can be customized to your team’s needs.
Popular Speaking Topics
• Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan
• Professional Online Brand and Reputation
• Video Marketing

Helping You Add Charisma to Your Online Presence

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